Teeth Bleaching

If you are considering teeth bleaching in the future you should inform us about this before starting the treatment. You should know that new crowns and white fillings do not react to bleaching afterwards

Bleaching is done at our clinic with special, non-harmful whitening substances in a professional and safe way. We use the materials that were proven successful abroad and are widely used mostly in the USA. We often bleach teeth that are strongly coloured due to various reasons. Often, there are also clients who just want to whiten their teeth slightly, out of esthetic reasons. This is possible as well, of course.

There are many ways of bleaching:

Bleaching is done at home. For this purpose we provide two accurately fitting trays, which you fix on your teeth and thus they enable the bleaching substance to whiten your teeth. You wear the props during the night. The bleaching period takes quite some time, usually 3 weeks are necessary, to reach the desired effect.


Bleaching process is done at the clinic. A strongly concentrated gel is applied on the teeth. The procedure takes 40 minutes; the result is visible immediately after the session.