Esthetic Composite Restorations

Due to regular educational trainings abroad the staff at our clinic is highly specialised for esthetic corrections. We speak here about the cases, where teeth, that sort of stand out because of their unestesthetic image, can be corrected, prolonged, polished or restored by the use of composite materials. These procedures are uninvasive and they preserve the healthy teeth structure to the highest possible extend. The procedure is ment mostly for the front teeth.

The corrections are very complicated and they take a lot of time and preparation in advance (digital photographing, rvg X rays, analysis of study models, use of special matrixes, keys and various crowns…) and most importantly, they demand a high level of esthetic sense. They are nevertheless the friendliest solution for teeth, because we try to preserve them in the highest possible way and we spare them the crowns, which are usually the most common, but also a very destructive and expensive solution.