Direct Inlays

Optimal solution when replacing old fillings

As a solution for change of the old, worn out fillings we offer you a procedure, which preserves your teeth to the maximum possible extent.  We are offering you a solution, which is preserving your teeth as much as possible. Our staff is specialized for the direct composit-ceramic inlays (DI). We studied the respective technology in Germany and in Switzerland. We use the material in the colour of teeth, called composit, which is very well known. It is a plastic ceramics, which becomes very hard after being treated with polimerisation lamp.

This is by all means a material of a very high quality, but it demands extremely precise handling. The making of an inlay takes longer – the tooth has to be precisely prepared for bonding of the composit material. The inlay making that follows can be compared to the work of a sculptural art. The tooth is beeing made in colour layers; the material gets hard while treated with a polimerisation lamp, after each layer applied. And furthermore; all composit parts are made in a direct way, this means, that they are being made in the mouth directly. This manner enables the protection of the dental structure and the tooth is being damaged to the lowest possible extend.
The procedure is much more cost effective compared to ceramic crowns or porcelan indirect inays and it is finished in one session.