Inflammation Areas in the Oral Cavity

The concept of detection and consequently elimination of inflammation areas in the oral cavity is based on certain principles. First it is necessary to establish if there are any such areas present at all. In general, healthy teeth and dental tissue don’t cause any troubles in the oral cavity whatsoever.
The inflammation areas can mostly be detected around:

  • dead, untreated teeth
  • roots that have already been treated
  • inflamed dental soft tissues
  • inflamed parts of jaw bone.


Diagnostics is done in the following order:

a. health questionnaire–detailed anamnesis
b. dental inspection of teeth and periodontal tissues with an intraoral camera
c. digital dental X-ray diagnostics (orthopan or intra-oral imaging of individual teeth if needed)
d. tooth vitality test
e. CBCT-digital 3D imaging of both jaws

When treating the inflammation areas it is of vital importance: to eliminate the causes of their outbreak; to remove the dead tissue thoroughly; to extract the inflamed teeth; to remove the inflamed parts of bone and to treat the inflamed periodontal soft tissues.

When an inflammation point is eliminated, we enable the body to function normally again so that it can return back to the normal state. Such is the case i.e. with Alopecia areata (spot baldness–hair loss in one or more spots) which occurs as a consequence of a chronic inflammation of a tooth. The state of hair comes back to normal, once the inflamed tooth is extracted.