Safe Removal of Amalgam Mercury Fillings

While removing the old amalgam fillings the vapors and small parts of old fillings are being released. We breathe in the vapors directly and a patient can accidentally swallow a part of the old filling. We can not fully avoid these unpleasant situations. In order to reduce the potential risk of the intake of hazardous substances into the body to the minimum we use a special technique, and special tools, that reduce the intake of fumes and small parts of mercury into the body. The dentists’ chairs must be equipped with the so called special catchers for the removed amalgam parts. These catchers are called amalgam separators. Our staff is exposed to the vapors caused by removing the old amalgams daily. In the same way the patients are exposed to the same risk and besides, the removed small parts of the old fillings can enter their bodies. This is the reason why at our clinic special equipment is necessary:

  • special burs,
  • special clean-up suction system,
  • rubber dam to isolate the teeth,
  • 100% medical oxigen,
  • special protection golden masks,
  • special IQAir Dental Hg suction machine which is mounted in front of patient’s mouth.