Ceramic Implants

For the replacement of a missing tooth, many teeth or for fixation of the prosthesis dental implants are used. This is a qualitative and long lasting solution. In our Clinic we are using white Ceramic Implants that fit perfectly in our metal free dentistry concept. We use implantological systems of Swiss/German company SDS.

Diseased teeth can cause severe chronic illnesses and removing them had adverse effects: Loss of bone and gingiva, esthetics, comfort, time, money and self-confidence. Biological dentistry uses ceramic implants made of zirconia. Zirconia is an electrically neutral, biocompatible ceramic without any kind of interruption field characteristic. Compared to gray titanium, it is metal-free and highly esthetic due to its white color.

What makes ceramic implants from SDS so attractive and pleasant: They meet the highest requirements in terms of compatibility, health and esthetics. Whether you suffer from a titanium allergy or general discomfort with metal in your body, we suggest a metal-free solution – the choice material is highly esthetic white ceramic implants made of the high-quality biocompatible material zirconia from SDS.

zob keramika titan
Tooth Ceramic Metal